Ideal place to restore body and mind

Sala colazione


The Estate is still available for the period from the 23rd August to the 2nd September 2023 (a minimum stay of 5 nights is requested). If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us to find out the special offer!

The church is part of an ancient building entirely renovated: there is possibility of accommodation with breakfast (on request it is possible to use the kitchen for a more independent stay).

All rooms have private services, TV and air conditioning. Pets welcome.

In the surroundings, within a 25 km distance, you can visit the evocative castles of Gradara, Montegridolfo, Montefiore Conca and San Leo; the ancient Republic of San Marino is easy distance : towns of artistic interest such as Urbino, Urbania, Sant’Angelo in Vado and towards Cagli the magnificent Furlo Pass.

Mondaino is placed on a hill top at 420 metres, embraced by the blue colour of Romagna coast and the green of the Apennines. It offers an incredible harmony of art, culture, history, natural environment and artisanship. Typical products are: olive oil, wine, honey, “grotta cheese”, truffles.Corridoi tra la natura


Wandering around the woods near the church,f ollowing foot paths, it is not unusual to come across shy sweet roebucks and deer, amusing squirrels, colourful birds and many other little friendly creatures of the forest